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Lessons are by appointment only.
Please call Deer Creek Farms to schedule a lesson. 254-624-4535

All participants shall be required to sign a release of liability document.

Please note that if you bring your own horse, you must have a current negative coggins test and any other documents required by the State or TAHC. Participants shall be required to wear a ASTM/SEI approved helmet. All riders must wear clothing appropriate for equestrian activities, to include but not limited to a closed toe shoe which covers the ankle and has a definine heel, and dress appropriately for the activity.

We are looking for an independent (self employed) instructor who is motivated and willing to teach lessons on a regular basis, and work with us to get a pony club program started at our farm.

Annise Finch:
I offer group and private lessons by appointment. Each lesson is appproximately 60 minutes

Lesson Prices
Lessons (per hour)
$35 (private)
$25 (group)

Leadline: $10.00- leadline ride
Leadline lesson: $15.00 per lesson, 20-30 minutes.
Graduate Leadline/Baby Beginner W/T: $20.00 per lesson 30 minutes

Meet Annise's lesson horses:

Meet "J.J"-leadline.
J.J. is a sweet little North American Curly Pony. He is our leadline/baby beginner lesson pony for the little ones. He's great with the children and loves all the attention he gets from them. He is just the right size for children under 60 pounds.
J.J.came to us in March of 2005 as a present for our daughter's birthday.
Our daughter has since outgrown him, but he is still her best little horsey friend.

One great thing about Curly Horses is that they are considered to be Hypoallergenic, so if your child has allergies or asthma and you didn't think they could enjoy horses, you might find that it is possible!

Meet Bobblehead!
Photo soon...Bobble is an adorable curly Chestnut Roan pony gelding. He is trained to drive and pull a cart, and is going to finish his saddle training here at our farm. He is a small pony; and just a little taller than J.J. . He will be excellent with the children taking lessons. He is well mannered and adores children. His previous owner and I did not expect his purchase to turn into a rescue from his leasee, but it did. Sadly, his leasee starved him and he arrived at our farm emaciated and dehydrated in such bad shape that we thought we would loose him! He made it through the night and steadily went from a body condition of "1" to being in perfect shape two months later! He should be ready for the children soon!

Meet "Peanut"-leadline only
Peanut has been with us since 1996. She is a beautiful buckskin Quarter Horse Mare. She does leadline and longe lessons for the larger children. Peanut can accommodate up to 150 pounds. She is the mother of Nutter Butter, Mighty Mischeivous Warrior, Spirit of A Warrior, and Warrior Stands Strong.


Meet Midnight Siouxvenir
Midnight was born here at our farm and is currently getting ready to become a lesson horse. He's a sweet, patient, kind, willing, calm, unflappable and in your back pocket friendly horse. Of course it's everything you would expect from a North American Curly Horse!
He's the kind of horse that is a great babysitter and will be excellent for the beginners and less experienced riders.

One great thing about Curly Horses is that they are considered to be Hypoallergenic, so if you or your child has allergies or asthma and you didn't think you could enjoy horses, you might find that it is possible!


Get Ready to meet Noelle!
Noelle is a beautiful minimally expressed dun Curly Pony! She came to us through the Curly Horse Rescue. She was in the broker's lot at the New Holland Pennsylvania auction where Curly Horse Rescue bailed her out through AC4H. Noelle is around 4 years old and is such a love! She wasn't fostered by us for long when we knew she had to become part of our family. We adopted her and she is now in training. She is such a sweet and loving pony, and will be just right for the older children and small adults! Once she has finished her training and has another 6 months to a year of "miles" on her, she will be helping me teach riding lessons!


Date Page was last updated: 12/18/2017